Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warning: LOTS of Whining Ahead!

GRR....It's been a day. So this morning we decided we would head out and run a few errands and then go eat at a VERY famouse Italian Restaurant in St. Paul called Cosetta's. On our way out the door, I slipped and fell on the ice on the front steps. Well, needless to say my left hand is about double the size of my right hand in the fleshy part, and I'm sporting a big ol' blood blister. And my back and left leg, ugh. That's all I have to say. My lower left back hurts pretty bad. Seems as I have pulled some muscles pretty badly, possibly pinched a nerve, and have some nasty muscle bruising. So I'll be sore for a few days. They told me to ice it for 15 min. out of every hour, and come back tomorrow. Ok, so back tomorrow I will go. So needless to say pain pills, muscle relaxers and ice-packs will be my best friends for a few days. Then tonight my best friend called and told me a NASTY story about how her Mom is choosing her bf over her OWN kids, and it makes me literally sick to my stomach thinking about it. Especially for the 15 yr old involved. The 15 yr old can do literally nothing about it. Her Dad isn't any better, he's just as verbally abusive if not worse than Mom or her BF. UGH. Can I throw up now?! Then her Mom turns around and tells her that she wishes she didn't live with ANY of her kids, yet when they Don't live their she whines and cries about that too. Bi-polar anyone?!?! And everybody wonders why this kid has so many anger issues. What else?? I've been pretty obsessed with the Olympics lately. Hey, it's decent TV for 16-17 days. But SERIOUSLY, ENOUGH with the Cross-Country and Biathalon already! It's about as exciting as watching NASCAR or BAsketball. NEXT! I had more to tell you, but those thoughts seem to be fleeting me right now with the news about my friends sister, and my back pain. Now...Where did I Put those pain pills? and ice pack?

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