Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Sunday

Yes, folks it's Sunday. Which means back to the grind tomorrow for most. This week has been a LONG week medically for me, my family, and friends. One day last week my Aunt's best friends husband was admitted to the hospital for a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics and took them ALL week to figure it out. He was in a COMA and having seizures his reaction was so bad. Then my good friend H, was admitted again for vomiting and severe chest pain, they finally figured out it was her appendiz. On the 17th my friend E, had her FIFTH baby boy, and he is a CUTIE! Two days after that she found out her older boys Dad was diagnosed with cancer in his liver and colon; and one day this last week he went and had to get his central line placed for his chemo. Then on Thursday I slipt and fell on the ice on my front steps and I fractured my L3, and my L4 and L5 are fusing together. So I am now wearing a special back brace to help things hopefully heal correctly. And now here we are on Sunday. Wow. What a week. Still no word on the job situation. Today we went and had breakfast/brunch and went to Menards. Did you know that you can use the BLUE bag of salt for a hot water heater instead of Ice Melt? Yeah, you can.
You're welcome. So we bought 2 bags. After we got home Dad went out and the shoveled up the ice that the ice melt had worked on.

Is anybody else as OBSESSED with the Olympics as I am right now? However, I HAVE had ENOUGH cross country skiing, and Biathalon. They are ALMOST the same sport. I mean seriously, how many hours of this do we need to see? Isn't it all pretty much the same thing? Oh, and as much as I like our state hockey team, I do not wish to watch the Olympic hockey games. I would rather watch them downhill ski, snowboard, ice skate, luge, bobsled those kinds of things. What are your favorite events of the Winter Olympics?

I have some tidbits of information about choices our local government is making, but that's a whole nother post in and of itself that I will discuss later. However, I refuse to get all political about it. I will not argue for one party or another as that's not what this blog is about or for. You are welcome to disagree with me, but please be respectful. Disrespectful posts will be promptly deleted.

I have/HAD all these things to say, but since I got hurt on Thursday all my fleeting thoughts seem to be evading me right now. My head's just been in a FOG since. I can't think, at times I can hardly formulate a thought, and I am having issues with my short term memory. I guess this is all normal with a tramautic back injury, but dang. I hope it changes SOON. Because of this I've said some really stupid stuff lately. Like, the other day my Dad and I both needed tabs, so we went to the DMV, while there I told the nice lady working there that CHRISTMAS was coming, yes you read that right I said Christmas. I meant Summer! But Christmas is what was coming out of my mouth. While trying to tell her I didn't expire until March I told her, January, June and July. I'm pretty sure my whole conversation with her was peppered with stupid inaccuracies all across the board. It's a good thing my Dad was with or she might not have let me leave for fear I was doing drugs. Oh maybe I was..Just kidding I wasn't, but I sure FELT like I was. Now tonight turning my head makes me dizzy, and my back hurts. Ok well, I might not be back for a few days because I'm hurting so much and can't hardly think. But I'll try and check in when I can. What funny things have YOU said while injured or under anesthesia?
P.S. PLEASEEE if you're reading will you please, I beg of you, PLEASE leave me a comment so I know who you are reading? Even if all you say is HELLO ;) Happy Monday Eve!

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