Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Reason In Which I ALMOST got kicked out of the funeral....

HAHA! Yup, bout darn near got my booty kicked out of the funeral home! But it was hilarious. Ok maybe in a sick twisted sort of way, but really it was. Let me tell you the story first, and then YOU try and tell me it's not funny. When we first got there, My Dad and I, that is we signed the "guest book", which I don't understand, but I digress. We then went up to the front of the funeral home where the open casket sat. Let me start by telling you a lil' bit about Sr. He was a great, noble, straight shooter kind of guy. You might not like what he said, but he wasn't going to sugar coat or beat around the bush about anything. He'd tell it like it is. IF he thought it was B.S. he'd say JUST That. Whatever that's the kind of guy he was, and everybody loved him for it. He had a BIG truck that he had tricked out, and it was ALWAYS clean. He was forver tinkering with it. He had restored an old '68' Bell something..haha can't think of what it's called. Anyway, he also LOVED to fish at the cabin, and ride his motorcycle. He was that kind of guy. But had the heart of gold. Even if he didn't have the shirt to give you, he'd still give you 3. Society lost a GREAT guy on Sunday. So. We approached the casket and Sr was wearing a nice pair of blue jeans, and an awesome Harley Davidson shirt. But when you looked at Sr. himself, he looked like a wax figure. His skin looked like BABY pink, there was NOTHING natural about the color of his skin from all the make up they used on him. His hands, were an odd color too, they had wrapped his rosary around his hands as well. Apparently he was Cathlic? The funny part was, all you could see of his rosary were the beads, they had the cross inside his hands where you couldn't see it. So when we left, I asked my Dad if he was practicing Witchcraft of some sort, or had some strange religous beliefs I was unaware of. His religious beliefs are unimportant to me, I was just curious. Had the cross part been out where it could be seen I would have known right away what it was. But I was also unaware of the fact that when they bury Catholics they bury them with a rosary in their hands. I'd had never been to a Catholic funeral before, call me naive, but I hadn't so I just simply didn't know that. Of course I felt really stupid after the fact and am glad I waited until we left to ask my Dad about it. I couldn't help myself and laugh at the fact that he looked soo much like a wax figure though. I wanted to slap the ol' man and tell him to get up and dance! Sr. had this laugh that was unmistakable and hearty.

Moving on...

So ya know Apple? The computer company with the apple on it? Ya, that one. So they have Imac,s Ipods, I phones, and now even an Ipad... where the hell is the Ibrator? I mean they have everything elses, but wheres the Ibrator? Talk about am multi-purpose tool. I mean they are PORTABLE. You could truly fulfill ALL your daily needs with one of those. Need I say more... No? I didn't think so.

Well, I hope everybody is having an awesome weekend. I'm sure I'll be back at some point with more stupid craziness we call life!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funerals SUCK!

There enough said! Sorry to be such a debbie downer. I'm sure I'll be back later with something more exciting to post! Hope you're all having a GREAT Thursday. As my friend Cindy says, "Happy Friday EVE."

Oh what a day

Oy vey! It's only quarter to two and it feels like it's already been a day. Not because it has been, more I think because of what's to come this afternoon. This afternoon from 4-8 is the wake for a good beloved family friend who suddenly passed away on Sunday afternoon. I don't particularly enjoy funerals or wakes for that matter, and I can't imagine anybody who does. IF you do, you have serious issues, no?? So...remember when I posted a few days ago about the pregnant dreams? WELL, let me tell you, I had another one the other night. They say everytime you have a dream about being pregnant somebody guess that's semi-true. Let me explain. The FIRST time I remember having this dream my cousin had just passed away, now more recently I've had several more of them and now a beloved family friend died. Either this dream NEEDS to go away so people stop dying, or I NEED to be pregnant. However, being pregnant requires doing a, um, certain "deed" if you will. Seeing as how I'm not currently dating anybody, that seems to be an issue in my mind. I am extremely interested in somebody, but there is sadly nothing going on between him and I at this point in time. Maybe we'll get together over the weekend. But probably not. What else am I just dying to tell you? Did I tell you I did something incredibly stupid on Monday? I was supposed to meet a new client for my photography business and completely forgot until 8:30pm. OOPS! I almost cried when I realized what I did. Turns out it worked out good because she forgot to tell me she wasn't going to be there anyway! Thank goodness. Back to this TERRIBLE HORRIBLE AWFUL memory I have. If I don't have multiple reminders of things, I tend to forget. What's that? Why don't I use a planner? Well, quite frankly because that requires remember to a) use it, or b) remember to take it with me when I leave the house. I already have a ton of stuff I have to remember to bring being a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, and often times I have my camera and/or laptop with me depending on where I'm going. Going for a semi-lazy weekend. There seems to be a few things looming on the horizon for plans for the weekend, but we'll see if any of them actually pan out. I'd LOVE to go shopping, but being I am currently laid off with no income coming in, shopping just won't happen. Not this weekend at least. Well, my living room is a mess and needs to get picked up so if anybody is bored and wants to come pick it up for me, feel free! Just stop on by. The mess will be here waiting for you. I promise I won't touch it if you're coming over. Heck, there might even be a beer involved. If you don't like beer, I'm sure I have something involving liquor that would appeal to you. Er, I don't think I was supposed to mention that part. Oops. Moving on. I'm off to go do something, maybe apply for a few jobs before the wake. I'm sure I'll be back later with some sort of update.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lazy start and a sad ending....

Busy day today. We did some running around and ran some errands that needed to get done. Did end up over at Aldi finally today and found a GREAT find. I used to have a twin bed, until we moved a few months ago. When we moved I got a queen, and gave my Dad my twin and took his queen. My room is HUGE, and his just isn't. So a twin for his is just perfect. Plus, on the rare occasion I have guests if they decide to stay they have a place to stay that isn't my Dads bed. lol. Anyway, so we were just finishing up at Aldi and went down a RANDOM aisle and saw it! A QUEEN heated mattress pad! So we asked the manager how much it was, his answer "Oh I need to get that out of my store, how's $20.00 sound?" SOLD!! The CHEAPEST one we could find was at BIG BOX Store for $100.00! YAY! So needless to say I took it. It's soo different from a heated blanket and well quite frankly it rocks! I can't wait to try it out. I freeze at night so hopefully this will help. Did I mention it has a 10 hour timer on it? AND not one, but TWO different remotes for it. So both sides of the bed can have different settings? How awesome. Soo soo excited. That alone was worth the trip over there. When I had my twin I used my heated mattress pad EVERY night, even in the summer. Yeah, I'm a freeeze baby. Dysautonomia will do that to ya. One of the things it causes is your bodies ability to control its own temperature. Therefore, causing lots of random fevers, or SEVERE cold spells. Lately I've taken to spiking fevers of almost 100 degrees. I have a doc. appointment tomorrow so I'm going to bring that up along with all my other crazy POTS issues and hope to get some answers. I heard from a reader today that taking Vitamin B may help with my energy, so I think I'm going to try that! Thanks for the tipoff! We found out tonight that a very beloved family friend passed away very unexpectedly on Sunday morning of several heart attacks. His family has been through so so much in the last 6-12 months and am very concerned for them. His grandchildren were rather close to him too as they lived with him for the last several months, and before that lived RIGHT across the street so they spent a lot of time with their Grandpa. My heart just breaks for them all. You will be missed by ALL SR. RIP!! He was SUCH a great guy. He went out of his way for me just a FEW weeks ago to help me out and I feel soo terrible that I NEVER got the chance to call and thank him, despite the fact that my Dad did SEVERAL times. Life's just so short! It's moments like these that make you remember that. The world has lost a GREAT guy. We will miss you. What else? Ugh. my kitten. She has taken to throwing up lately? Not sure what her deal is. I'm hoping it's just furballs, but I really don't know and she's only 17 months old. So off to the vet one day this week I guess. I hope it's ONLY furballs. *fingers crossed* I had a cat do that a few years ago, and it wasn't long after that that we were forced to put her down from severe kidney failure, grant it Sox was like 15-16 yrs old, but still. What else am I dying to tell you? I had yet ANOTHER dream last night about being pregnant. I seem to keep having these ever since my cousin died back in October. I am of the parenting age, but most certainly am not planning on any kids any time soon. But I keep having these darn dreams that I am either pregnant, or breastfeeding, which really means I WAS pregnant and have since had the baby. In every dream, but one, it was a girl. Is this some sort of omen? Who should I stop sleeping with? Well, I mean..that would require that I was sleeping with somebody to START With. So now I really want to know who this supposedly baby father is just so I know who to AVOID like the plague. If I avoid him, and um the "Deed" then we should be all good. HAHA. Wow....that makes me sound like a um...angel...yeah that's it. Nothing like getting a lil' racy, huh? Moving ON.......

So.... I have a prayer request or two also. My fellow blogger Hollie seems to be struggling a lot as of late and could really really use your prayers right now as she struggles to get through some difficult things in life, including her childrens illnesses. Oh and could you please keep a fireman from the local area in your paryers too? He was working on a local freeway and was struck from behind while cleaning up from a car fire. He never even saw the car coming, he underwent immediate surgery and seems like he will recover, but he has a VERY long recovery ahead of him.
Zachary....a very young man who has endured SOO SOO much. He has been battling a long battle with cancer, but he is doing remarkably well with it. However, now he is being bullied in school, and has been physically attacked and is afraid of going back to school. Not only that, but because of his long multiple hospital stays his family is suffering some serious financial setbacks and will probably lose his house he grew up in, his dad lost his job, among a host of other financial issues. Would you please keep this family in your prayers. If you have any ideas of how we could help this family I WOULD love to hear them. They have been very heavy on my heart as of late. I want to start an online auction, but need some help to do it as I don't even know where to begin. So if you have any experience with something like this, would you please let me know? I will take all the help and ideas I can get.

Alright...before I write another novel I'm going to get going and get a few things done before the night gets much later. Hope everybody's having a good night. Happy Wednesday!

The one without a title

Too tired to think of a blog title for tonights post. Been a crazy, yet lazy day if such a thing exists. I've done absolutely nothing today, haven't even left the house. We talked about going to Aldi, but decided against because I didn't feel like going any more. So I took a shower. That's IT! A shower! WOO HOO! At least I got SOMETHING accomplished today. Feeling VERY VERY stressed out right now about the whole money situation seeing as how I got laid off so abruptly last week. Going to do some serious investigation tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Hoping to get some paying customers for my photography business here soon. Need to get a MK order in too or my business will lapse. *gulp* Well, as I'm sure you already know the BIG game ended kind of sadly for us yesterday. We are not even sure the Favre will return next season :( That will be a very sad season for us. I've really only been a HUGE Fan this season because of him. He is just SOO humble, and such a team player, you just couldn't ask for a better team mate than him. So after last nights post I spiked a fever of 99.7 and hear rate of 110 bpm. Spent several hours hanging out in that area, when it finally came down to 98.6 and 93bpm. Today we're back up in the mid 90's for temps again. Earlier it was 99.5 I think?? Going to bring up lots of stuff with this POTS at my physical this week. I'm soo tired of everything going on and nobody listening to me or doing anything about it. Some days it gets so bad I feel like I can hardly function, and I have like NO energy. Like ZILCH, NONE, NADA....this is JUST NOT ME. I miss the days of popping right out of bed and having a ton of energy and being able to just go go go! I had a SMALL glimpse of the old me a week and a half ago for two days. I just POPPED out of bed and felt great on Fri. and Sat. it was AWESOME while it lasted. Not to mention the horrible horrible memory I have as of recent. So what else??? So with that I guess I am off to bed seeing as how it is 2:45am. I NEED to start getting to bed earlier so I can start getting up before 12:30-1:00pm. Tomorrow I shall talk about the NASTY weather our crazy state is experiencing.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dysauto what?!

Well, after not being able to get into my blog for a while I am going to change my forum again? Forum? No, um readership yes, and maybe theme is a better word. I have since discovered I am not the only "freak" as I've been called who is sick ALL the time, and suffers from severe Dysautonomia or POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). I am VERY thankful to know that I AM not making up the crazy seemingly unrelated symptoms associated with this debilitating disease. There is a whole list of symptoms associated with this and I have almost every single one of them, yet none of them seem to make sense when associated with one another. I can feel this diseas slowly taking over my life and there is nothing I can do about it. I also deal with the complications and issues associated with Type 1 Diabetes, asthma, kidney complications, and heart issues outside of tachycardia. None of them any fun! But like anything else in life we figure out how to live and how to move on and keep on keeping on. I would like to find some way to semi manage some of the complications of this POTS. Sure beta-blockers work, but there has to be other ways of making this diseae easier to live with. I either have to control it, or let it control me. So control it, it will be. I've started thinking about a gym membership this week, hopefully working out a few times a week will help. Not sure, but I can hope, right?! I'm hoping to meet other people with this same condition to see what they do, or where to go to get help with this condition. Every doctor I see seems to think that I am making this up seeing as how none of these symptoms make any sense when associated with each other so they quickly blow me off. But I think it's time to start checking into this more, as this seems to get worse and worse over time. So.......if you know anybody with this or have any ideas I would love to hear about them.
P.S. My next post won't be such a debbie downer...I'm sure I'll be back to post about the outcome of the BIG game! GO VIKES!