Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lazy start and a sad ending....

Busy day today. We did some running around and ran some errands that needed to get done. Did end up over at Aldi finally today and found a GREAT find. I used to have a twin bed, until we moved a few months ago. When we moved I got a queen, and gave my Dad my twin and took his queen. My room is HUGE, and his just isn't. So a twin for his is just perfect. Plus, on the rare occasion I have guests if they decide to stay they have a place to stay that isn't my Dads bed. lol. Anyway, so we were just finishing up at Aldi and went down a RANDOM aisle and saw it! A QUEEN heated mattress pad! So we asked the manager how much it was, his answer "Oh I need to get that out of my store, how's $20.00 sound?" SOLD!! The CHEAPEST one we could find was at BIG BOX Store for $100.00! YAY! So needless to say I took it. It's soo different from a heated blanket and well quite frankly it rocks! I can't wait to try it out. I freeze at night so hopefully this will help. Did I mention it has a 10 hour timer on it? AND not one, but TWO different remotes for it. So both sides of the bed can have different settings? How awesome. Soo soo excited. That alone was worth the trip over there. When I had my twin I used my heated mattress pad EVERY night, even in the summer. Yeah, I'm a freeeze baby. Dysautonomia will do that to ya. One of the things it causes is your bodies ability to control its own temperature. Therefore, causing lots of random fevers, or SEVERE cold spells. Lately I've taken to spiking fevers of almost 100 degrees. I have a doc. appointment tomorrow so I'm going to bring that up along with all my other crazy POTS issues and hope to get some answers. I heard from a reader today that taking Vitamin B may help with my energy, so I think I'm going to try that! Thanks for the tipoff! We found out tonight that a very beloved family friend passed away very unexpectedly on Sunday morning of several heart attacks. His family has been through so so much in the last 6-12 months and am very concerned for them. His grandchildren were rather close to him too as they lived with him for the last several months, and before that lived RIGHT across the street so they spent a lot of time with their Grandpa. My heart just breaks for them all. You will be missed by ALL SR. RIP!! He was SUCH a great guy. He went out of his way for me just a FEW weeks ago to help me out and I feel soo terrible that I NEVER got the chance to call and thank him, despite the fact that my Dad did SEVERAL times. Life's just so short! It's moments like these that make you remember that. The world has lost a GREAT guy. We will miss you. What else? Ugh. my kitten. She has taken to throwing up lately? Not sure what her deal is. I'm hoping it's just furballs, but I really don't know and she's only 17 months old. So off to the vet one day this week I guess. I hope it's ONLY furballs. *fingers crossed* I had a cat do that a few years ago, and it wasn't long after that that we were forced to put her down from severe kidney failure, grant it Sox was like 15-16 yrs old, but still. What else am I dying to tell you? Oh....so I had yet ANOTHER dream last night about being pregnant. I seem to keep having these ever since my cousin died back in October. I am of the parenting age, but most certainly am not planning on any kids any time soon. But I keep having these darn dreams that I am either pregnant, or breastfeeding, which really means I WAS pregnant and have since had the baby. In every dream, but one, it was a girl. Is this some sort of omen? Who should I stop sleeping with? Well, I mean..that would require that I was sleeping with somebody to START With. So now I really want to know who this supposedly baby father is just so I know who to AVOID like the plague. If I avoid him, and um the "Deed" then we should be all good. HAHA. Wow....that makes me sound like a um...angel...yeah that's it. Nothing like getting a lil' racy, huh? Moving ON.......

So.... I have a prayer request or two also. My fellow blogger Hollie seems to be struggling a lot as of late and could really really use your prayers right now as she struggles to get through some difficult things in life, including her childrens illnesses. Oh and could you please keep a fireman from the local area in your paryers too? He was working on a local freeway and was struck from behind while cleaning up from a car fire. He never even saw the car coming, he underwent immediate surgery and seems like he will recover, but he has a VERY long recovery ahead of him.
Zachary....a very young man who has endured SOO SOO much. He has been battling a long battle with cancer, but he is doing remarkably well with it. However, now he is being bullied in school, and has been physically attacked and is afraid of going back to school. Not only that, but because of his long multiple hospital stays his family is suffering some serious financial setbacks and will probably lose his house he grew up in, his dad lost his job, among a host of other financial issues. Would you please keep this family in your prayers. If you have any ideas of how we could help this family I WOULD love to hear them. They have been very heavy on my heart as of late. I want to start an online auction, but need some help to do it as I don't even know where to begin. So if you have any experience with something like this, would you please let me know? I will take all the help and ideas I can get.

Alright...before I write another novel I'm going to get going and get a few things done before the night gets much later. Hope everybody's having a good night. Happy Wednesday!

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