Saturday, December 19, 2009

I think I have a fever....

I know I know, TWO posts in just as many days. What am I thinking? I MUST have a fever. Nah...Moving on. Last night one of my best friends had a night from hell so we were on the phone until 6am this morning(Sunday). At 12 I had to get up because I had a photo shoot scheduled for 3pm; I ended up doing TWO shoots. Both turned out well I think. You'll have to wait until I get them edited and posted before you can see them though. You're Welcome. :P What else? Was hoping to go out with a friend tonight, but haven't heard from him as of yet. Tomorrow, will be spent unpacking more boxes and editing the pictures from my two shoots this weekend ;) And maybe even relaxing? Would like to go see a movie maybe, don't know. Back to work Monday for a 3.5 day work week..yay for short work weeks. Only working 1-7pm on Christmas Eve day so that'll be nice to get off early to be able to enjoy the night and them it's a 3-day weekend. YAY! Well, that about sums up my craziness I call life. Until next time....Whenever it may be ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009 much?

Well, it would seem I have taken to abandoning my blog once again. Not like it matter, nobody literally nobody reads my blog anyway. I should check into that....I think my other blog is linked to others blogs so nobody knows this one exists. Anyways, been crazy busy at work. Remember the guy I don't like? Well, for some reason I seem to be developing some sort of working respect for him. Huh? Not sure what inspired this change, but the last few days have been great. I actually semi-enjoy his presence now......Eh, I don't get it either. Moving on...Let's see I have a big photo shoot over the weekend for some family I am excited about. Am working on booking some new stuff for the new year too! Including weddings, engagement pics, and some I can't talk about on this blog ;) teehee. Yes, THOSE pics! No not those...THOSE. Yeah, those ones ;) I have some GREAT ideas I picked up while I worked at a digital photography printing press and I am SUPER excited to get to try them out. I even have a few maternity pics coming up. I LOVE shooting maternity pictures too. Oh and I need to put a small portfolio together to show perspective clients too. I need some more models...any takers? The shoot is free, I just need you to consent to letting me put them in my portfolio, and I promise no personal info. will be used or given out about who's in the pictures. Let's see what else?? My fav. blog shut down and went private recently. Do ya care? Didn't think so. I am, however, ACTUALLY thinking about getting up early on Sat. morning to trek to Waterville MN to meet another one of my FAVORITE blog writers. Check out the details on Jennifer is an AMAZING photographer, with a beautifully blooming photography business and I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to meet her! and work with her once or twice. She is an amazing fellow Christian, photographer, Mother, and Husband, this girl can DO IT ALL! She's having a Christmas Party at her house tomorrow night and I can't even go because I have to work until midnight :(. Every time she has amazing get togethers here in the FRozen Tundra I am unavailable. But someday SOON I WILL meet her! Next? Anybody have any floor lamps they want to get rid of? My room is soo dark and I could use the light, and take them off your hands. Your welcome. I mean thank you. So that leaves Sunday for either a)editing my pics. from Saturdays shoot, or another shoot. Anybody want any FREE pics taken on Sunday?! Saturday night I am *hoping* to go out with a friend that night. I want to get to know this person better, but there is never a "good" time to do it seems. So keep your fingers crossed for me ;) Well, off to go check out some photography stuff. I am SOO SOO EXCITED to be getting bookings and getting my business off the ground finally. I'm still taking referrals though, and if you give me referrals and they buy from me I'll give you 50% off! or even a FREE shoot! What do you think? Again, your welcome ;) I'm just nice like that. Alright, off to bed.....or shall I clean? Anybody know any good maids in my area?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Umm It's Friday?

And grateful I am that it IS FRIDAY! Well, technically it is now Saturday, but whatever, same thing. It's been A WEEK!! (This post will be a total hodge-podge of random thoughts because I have no ambition to form a good though process.) A VERY, VERY long week at that. Work is going crazy, and I don't know what is going to happen in the immediate future. I am getting concerned that I will not have a job after the first of the year. Can't go into details, but there are signs all around me that my company is getting ready for some lay-offs. I just HOPE I am not one of them. Had some strange health issues this week too with my back, and kidneys, and possibly appendix? Don't know. Been running a low grade fever too, but again I don't know if any of them are even related. Or if I am just soo gosh darn tired that I hurt. Ya know? Yay, I knew you would. Seems to be the season for exhaustion too. This next weekend I am so excited to have TWO photo shoots, and am hoping to line-up more. I am hoping to get some people to volunteer to let me do a FREE shoot if they'll give me a referral or two. Any takers? This weekend my Aunt J and I are going to bake dozens and dozens of cookies for the upcoming Holidays. Should be a good time. Then one of my good friends and I are going to go see the Macy's Holiday Display and then meet with lots of people for my Birthday Dinner. So overall, should be an eventful, busy, yet fun weekend. Had a rough start to my week, but seem to have found a happy solution for them me and hope it works out all okay in the end. Pardon my errors in spacing in this post, but my space key doesn't seem to want to work. Is Space Key even the right word? Oh, I don't know. So...what are you exciting weekend plans?

Monday, November 30, 2009

More of the same?

Well, it would seem my idea of a wonderful successful prayer blog, has quickly dissipated? Who am I kidding? I HARDLY have time to do my laundry, let alone blog and DAILY? or multiple times daily? HA! SO I'm giving my blog a TRANSFORMATION. Ya ya ya, I know. Already? Yes, already! So from now on, when I blog I will leave notes of prayer and praise at the bottom of each post, and you may pray as you see fit! Sound good? Good. Glad we agree.... Moving on. What a day! Spent 10 hrs in a car today. Went up North to get my stuff. LOTS of drive time, and well the truck...yeah it wasn't exactly BIG enough. OOPS. But we managed to get what we needed in it, and left the rest in the storage unit. It is locked and under surveillance until I figure out what to do with it. So needless to say, it's been a day! and I thought I would blog again before you thought I gave up on you. Your Welcome. So this blog will become more of a personal nature, some fleeting thoughts, some random things, some prayer, some praise, some nonsense I am sure. We will see as time tells. But with that thought, I am off to get some shut-eye before I have to get up in the morning and UNLOAD my now VERY Full truck full of ALL my wonderful possessions. I hope my brother feels MUCH better in the morning. and before I sign off.... I should mention my Uncle D went WAY above and beyond the call of duty today. For he and my Dad and I endured the long day together and they were both amazing today. I truly could not have done it without them. So if you find yourself with NOTHING to do this morning around 9-10am, feel free to drop by and help unload said truck! We'll be here.

Prayers 11-30-09

Carrie - This could go under both sections, but while Carrie's recent surgery was a partial success she is still struggling soo much. Please continue to pray for her and all her uncertainty that the future holds for her. And that they can continue to find a reason(s) for all her medical issues she is having.

Hannah Grace Crumby - this sweet young soul is struggling in ways even Adult's don't handle with half the "grace" she is. This poor baby has suffered soo much, and now a massive stroke that may very well end her life. Please pray for a MIRACLE as this is her only hope.

Peyton- She too has suffered a stroke at the young age of 35ish. She has made many small steps forward, and a few back. Please continue to pray for her strength as she continues to awaken from her coma. As well as her husband who is trying his best to not only advocate for her, but take care of there children and work as well.

Cripe Family - This family is AMAZING. In soo many ways. All 4 of them have some sort of chronic health condition. Daniell (mom) was told she would not be alive to celebrate Christmas with her family because her cancer had metastasized so badly. Just a few short weeks ago, she found out she was PREGNANT! Suprise! Her Husband is a type 1 diabetic, and now found out their son is also. Their daughter, has several chronic conditions as well. Please keep this family and there uncertainty in your prayers. They need it.

Gerwer Family - This AMAZING mother is a mother of BEAUTIFUL Quads and is opening her own online Baby boutique! If you would just keep her in your prayers that she not only florishes, but is successful so she can continue to stay home with her babies while making a lil' income as well as serving us all!

Unnamed FAmily - They are really struggling with their daughter and all the issues her mental health has caused. This family is in desperate need of help, but every avenue they have tried, has only failed them. For privacy reasons I cannot say much more, but they need as many prayers as they can get before this situation gets worse.

Klopp Quads- she is going into her 26th week of pregnancy with her quads! Please pray that they continue to "cook" for several more weeks.

Unnamed Source - Is suffering from some strange symptoms that not only seem to persist, but are gradually getting worse. The doctors continue to tell her that nothing is wrong, but she knows something is wrong. Please pray that they find out what it is before it gets worse.


I am FINALLY feeling like I am on the road to recovery from this nasty bout of pneumonia I've been dealing with, and my kidney infection is gone too.

Stellan - His latest Abalation in Boston was a 100% success and could not have gotten better news. The hope is that Stellan will remain SVT free for the REST OF HIS LIFE!! God is GOOD!

Sweet Emily is starting to feel better after her bout with Flu type A.

That a friend of mine's son is doing so much better that he is able to return to work this week after being off work for several weeks.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Praise and Prayers for 11-6-09

The majority of this blog will include Prayers and Praise from the days events. However, there will occassionally be a personal blog by myself or even a guest poster at times. I hope to make this blog a central location that people can come to when needing prayers. Feel free to e-mail me a PRAISE or PRAYERS needed. It can be as general or as specific as you'd like. If you'd like to remain annonymous please tell me so ;) However, negativity will NOT be tolerated. I will close reader comments off to annonymous posters if this becomes an issue. Please do not force me to make that decision. I believe remaining annonymous will allow some people to come to ask for prayers that would not do so otherwise. SO....feel free to start sending me your requests or praises.


Prayers :

Roxanna and Joey - Joey is in the ICU on a venatilator, and sedated. Her latest post asked people to pray for a miracle and for whatever it is they so choose. I have been following him for several years, and this is by far the worst I have EVER seen him.

Fort Hood- Enough said.

Everybody affected by the Sedona, AZ Sweat Lodge tragedy - For those familes of the deceased as well as the victims who have survived, and those who continue to seek.

Tiffany's Uncle - they have been told he has mere weeks to months to live. Please pray for peace for her Uncle as well as the family who is preparing for the loss of yet another family member. This family has been through so much already.

Carrie - She has been in and out of the hospital for a LONG time now and they are still not sure what is causing all of her medical issues. She too has been through soo much and could use some good news, or some relief even if temporary.

Em - she has a mitochondiral issue and is struggling every day to stay here with her family.


My friends Son will be released from the hospial tomorrow and is doing much better. Thank you for those of you who prayed for him.