Saturday, December 19, 2009

I think I have a fever....

I know I know, TWO posts in just as many days. What am I thinking? I MUST have a fever. Nah...Moving on. Last night one of my best friends had a night from hell so we were on the phone until 6am this morning(Sunday). At 12 I had to get up because I had a photo shoot scheduled for 3pm; I ended up doing TWO shoots. Both turned out well I think. You'll have to wait until I get them edited and posted before you can see them though. You're Welcome. :P What else? Was hoping to go out with a friend tonight, but haven't heard from him as of yet. Tomorrow, will be spent unpacking more boxes and editing the pictures from my two shoots this weekend ;) And maybe even relaxing? Would like to go see a movie maybe, don't know. Back to work Monday for a 3.5 day work week..yay for short work weeks. Only working 1-7pm on Christmas Eve day so that'll be nice to get off early to be able to enjoy the night and them it's a 3-day weekend. YAY! Well, that about sums up my craziness I call life. Until next time....Whenever it may be ;)

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