Thursday, December 17, 2009 much?

Well, it would seem I have taken to abandoning my blog once again. Not like it matter, nobody literally nobody reads my blog anyway. I should check into that....I think my other blog is linked to others blogs so nobody knows this one exists. Anyways, been crazy busy at work. Remember the guy I don't like? Well, for some reason I seem to be developing some sort of working respect for him. Huh? Not sure what inspired this change, but the last few days have been great. I actually semi-enjoy his presence now......Eh, I don't get it either. Moving on...Let's see I have a big photo shoot over the weekend for some family I am excited about. Am working on booking some new stuff for the new year too! Including weddings, engagement pics, and some I can't talk about on this blog ;) teehee. Yes, THOSE pics! No not those...THOSE. Yeah, those ones ;) I have some GREAT ideas I picked up while I worked at a digital photography printing press and I am SUPER excited to get to try them out. I even have a few maternity pics coming up. I LOVE shooting maternity pictures too. Oh and I need to put a small portfolio together to show perspective clients too. I need some more models...any takers? The shoot is free, I just need you to consent to letting me put them in my portfolio, and I promise no personal info. will be used or given out about who's in the pictures. Let's see what else?? My fav. blog shut down and went private recently. Do ya care? Didn't think so. I am, however, ACTUALLY thinking about getting up early on Sat. morning to trek to Waterville MN to meet another one of my FAVORITE blog writers. Check out the details on Jennifer is an AMAZING photographer, with a beautifully blooming photography business and I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to meet her! and work with her once or twice. She is an amazing fellow Christian, photographer, Mother, and Husband, this girl can DO IT ALL! She's having a Christmas Party at her house tomorrow night and I can't even go because I have to work until midnight :(. Every time she has amazing get togethers here in the FRozen Tundra I am unavailable. But someday SOON I WILL meet her! Next? Anybody have any floor lamps they want to get rid of? My room is soo dark and I could use the light, and take them off your hands. Your welcome. I mean thank you. So that leaves Sunday for either a)editing my pics. from Saturdays shoot, or another shoot. Anybody want any FREE pics taken on Sunday?! Saturday night I am *hoping* to go out with a friend that night. I want to get to know this person better, but there is never a "good" time to do it seems. So keep your fingers crossed for me ;) Well, off to go check out some photography stuff. I am SOO SOO EXCITED to be getting bookings and getting my business off the ground finally. I'm still taking referrals though, and if you give me referrals and they buy from me I'll give you 50% off! or even a FREE shoot! What do you think? Again, your welcome ;) I'm just nice like that. Alright, off to bed.....or shall I clean? Anybody know any good maids in my area?

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