Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh what a day

Oy vey! It's only quarter to two and it feels like it's already been a day. Not because it has been, more I think because of what's to come this afternoon. This afternoon from 4-8 is the wake for a good beloved family friend who suddenly passed away on Sunday afternoon. I don't particularly enjoy funerals or wakes for that matter, and I can't imagine anybody who does. IF you do, you have serious issues, no?? So...remember when I posted a few days ago about the pregnant dreams? WELL, let me tell you, I had another one the other night. They say everytime you have a dream about being pregnant somebody guess that's semi-true. Let me explain. The FIRST time I remember having this dream my cousin had just passed away, now more recently I've had several more of them and now a beloved family friend died. Either this dream NEEDS to go away so people stop dying, or I NEED to be pregnant. However, being pregnant requires doing a, um, certain "deed" if you will. Seeing as how I'm not currently dating anybody, that seems to be an issue in my mind. I am extremely interested in somebody, but there is sadly nothing going on between him and I at this point in time. Maybe we'll get together over the weekend. But probably not. What else am I just dying to tell you? Did I tell you I did something incredibly stupid on Monday? I was supposed to meet a new client for my photography business and completely forgot until 8:30pm. OOPS! I almost cried when I realized what I did. Turns out it worked out good because she forgot to tell me she wasn't going to be there anyway! Thank goodness. Back to this TERRIBLE HORRIBLE AWFUL memory I have. If I don't have multiple reminders of things, I tend to forget. What's that? Why don't I use a planner? Well, quite frankly because that requires remember to a) use it, or b) remember to take it with me when I leave the house. I already have a ton of stuff I have to remember to bring being a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, and often times I have my camera and/or laptop with me depending on where I'm going. Going for a semi-lazy weekend. There seems to be a few things looming on the horizon for plans for the weekend, but we'll see if any of them actually pan out. I'd LOVE to go shopping, but being I am currently laid off with no income coming in, shopping just won't happen. Not this weekend at least. Well, my living room is a mess and needs to get picked up so if anybody is bored and wants to come pick it up for me, feel free! Just stop on by. The mess will be here waiting for you. I promise I won't touch it if you're coming over. Heck, there might even be a beer involved. If you don't like beer, I'm sure I have something involving liquor that would appeal to you. Er, I don't think I was supposed to mention that part. Oops. Moving on. I'm off to go do something, maybe apply for a few jobs before the wake. I'm sure I'll be back later with some sort of update.

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