Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday again...

Well, here we are on Tuesday November 7th and I am once again jobless. Yes, people I got laid off AGAIN. Why is it that every company I get work through seriously overstaff’s then lays people off? Seems that I get laid off more frequently than others because of my health conditions. Dysautonomia is just the TIP of all my health conditions. Did I mention I have no health insurance either?? Yeah, found that one out on Thursday when I went to Walmart to go pick up my insulin. Awesome…So now I have no job, and no health insurance; which means I have NO way to pay for said health insurance once I obtain it again. So Where were we? Oh yes, whinesville. So I started my OWN “Honey-Do List” which entails in no specific order, wash all laundry, go through said laundry and get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit or I no longer wear, get my room organised, scour any and all job sites to find a new job. Figure that should take me to the end of the week…then what?! Oh and am going to spend some extra time in the gym this week trying to get my workouts back on track. Speaking of workouts, today happens to be my good friend Gretchen’s 40th Birthday ;) So Happy BIG Birthday today Gretchen. Make it count you only turn 40 once baby! I wish I had something more interesting to say, but pretty much everything I have to say right now is either going to be a long a** whine, or rant….so…..until I have something nice to say I will sign off for now. Please pardon all spelling errors and typos, I may or may not have been sober last night and just don’t care right now ;)

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