Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Eve

Well, it would seem as if another Thanksgiving Turkey day is upon us. Funny how each year we seem so suprised that this day is upon us. Almost like we expect it somehow to NOT show up year after year. Kind of like how its suddenly Friday again. As if we suddenly expect Thursday to turn into Saturday? and just skip over Friday or something. I don't know. Anyway, I have a lot to be thankful for, yet seems I am ungrateful regularly. I have had a rough year with a lot of various different things going on in my life contributing to my rough year. Since I've had a rough year I've not taken much time to be thankful for the things that ARE going right and well in my life. Amazing how we can take several unfortunate things and suddenly we become un-thankful for the things that are going right in our lives. Like for example, a few weeks back after my long, gruling, 8 hour shift that started at 6:30am I was laid off. From a job I loved, and loved the people I worked with. I still do not know why they laid me off. Since then I have managed to find lots of time to complain and stress out about not having any money to pay for my car or health insurance. When in reality I should be grateful that I have health insurance and a great car that does get me to a job interview to bring me money. See what I mean? DOes that happen to anybody else or is it just me? I also have great family and friends to be thankful for. They always seem to show up at the right moments and often at times without even knowing I needed them. It's amazing how a good friend or family member responds without even knowing you were in need at that moment in time. Wow...this is becoming such a boring blog post I'm even boring myself. Random topic change....

It's exactly 1:11am and I am watching the clock because I am planning to be up at 8:00 to leave by 8:15am to go for a work out with my dear friend Gretchen. Holla Gretchen Holla! Everybody say Hi to Gretchen for she is one of THE BEST Personal Trainers I know, not to mention VERY DEAR friend to my heart. We met simply because she teaches at the same Y I go to and I went to a few of her classes and we just hit it off and became good friends really fast. Last weekend her girls and I spent the majority of the weekend together and it was pure bliss. Love my adopted Vavrosky family! Moving on, so that leaves me with less than 7n hrs of sleep and a very busy turkey day tomorrow. Huh....Friday morning planning to get up early to go Black Friday Shopping with my Dad. I'd love to sleep in, but if one wants the deals one has to get up. I also know that one day I will look up and say "I miss those Black Fridays when my Dad would want to get up early and go get...." some day. I'm going to miss those moments. It has taken me a long time to recognize parts of myself that I do not like and accept that I do not like them and what and how to change to become a person I like better. It had gotten to a point where I didn't want to be with myself anymore. Yes, people it is possible to annoy yourself ;) Don't tell me I am the ONLY person who feels like that! See you're thinking now...I'll wait for you to finish thinking. You're welcome ;) One of the many things I disliked about myself was all the moments I would say, "My Dad annoys me when...." those moments were becoming closer and closer together and happening more and more. Since I've learned to let those go and think more along the lines of "I'm going to miss this" I've become much more patient with my Dad and learned to enjoy his company even when he is annoying me so thoroughly ;) I've also come to recognize that I am a very impatient person, particularly when driving. Since this self-realizing has been going on I've been much more patient with other drivers and have come to understand that maybe others feel the same way about my driving? Ask me about this and I'll deny I ever said that though ;) I've realized I'm just very impatient in general though, and I am truly trying to re-found my patience again. Random topic change again...
So I'm watching some silly late night poker show and had a funny relization. I know NOTHING about poker mind you, but it would seem as if this game is nothing more than a game of BS. Players put coins worth monitary values into the pot based on their cards in their hands. They all go round and round the table until suddenly soo many people give up and fold. Suddenly you could have a crappy hand and have suddenly wont several thousand dollars because everybody else around the table folded yet they had better cards than you. Funny how another player on said show just said the same thing I just said. Hand over, guy with the best hand just lost because he chose to fold. Again, I have no clue what they are playing besides Poker.

Well seeing as how it is now 1:24am I should probably call it a night if I intend to be up on time to go get my work out in. Hope this finds all well and everybody has a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

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